KMD - Suspended Animation lyrics

"You know what?"

"Suspended animation, the grey
Expansion casting shadows over the sun" [x2]

[Zev Love X]
I get bust and you never hear a word flinch
I nerve pinch, cause I've been smoking herb since
I've been splitting blunts, I lick 'em then I spit once
It's nasty, shit tastes like cancer in my tounge and front
I'm fired up, I gots to get riled up
I've been sober since the last one dried up
So light up, get the Philly broke, smoke a toke
Light up, cause when I pull, I pull until I choke
Like *coughs* and that's the only shit I'm choking
Ducking hookers, saying "Yo why you be buying?"
I'm fucking stuck in (suspended animation) for one I'm done
Casting shadows over the sun for fun
I got hen to keep the chicken heads roasted
This should be boosting until I hear some Whitney *crazy singing* Houston
So bitch hit the blunt and lose the Triple Fat Goose and
You're high dealer, even if it say scheming
Play some jams with some motherfucking bass in it!

"Suspended animation, the grey
Expansion casting shadows over the sun"

[KRS] "I'm alright now cause the sensimilla fill me" [x8]

"I want to get high, so high" [x4]

[Biz Markie] "Hit the weed spot to be blessed by Buddha" [x2]

"Casting shadows over the sun"