KJ-52 - You Hang Up First lyrics

She was the girl that I dreamed I could go with
Her bangs were three feet high off her forehead
She had a blond perm freckles on her nose and
A long pink shirt that goes with her pro keds
I was the little nerd that girls never noticed
I'm pretty sure that my situation hopeless
My thought occurred when I chose and I wrote this
If you'll go out with me check the box yes
I passed the note then I waited for the moment
I saw her hold it flip it up and fold it
She passed it back and I got it opened
She checked yes and I was like Oh yeah!
Gave me her number and she told me to call her
And that night we like talked for an hour
Go to bed is what I heard from her father
She had to hang up so I told her saying:

You hang up first (uh uh I ain't hanging up first)
I ain't hanging up first you hang up first
You hang up first (uh uh I ain't hanging up first)
I ain't hanging up first you hang up first
Alright okay enough's enough
On the count of three we gone both hang up
It goes three, two, two to the one
You still there whats up:

Next day see I'm feeling like the man
So I catch up to her while she heading to her class
Walked up to her and I tried to hold her hand
But she turned and walked way I just don't understand

But then she did what only girls can
Five little words that;ll crush every man
Now on a note that was written in a pink pen
It said I just wanna be friends
I was like aight uh that's okay
Girl I didn't even like you anyway
I was gonna break up with you any day
Then she turned around and I ran down hallway
Later on I found out the reason that she dumped me
She kissed another dude when she was at the movies
Went home broke down cried all day
And to think we used to say

I went home ripped her pictures out my yearbook
So that when I saw her I wouldn't have to tear up
Now thank God now my number never came up
'Cause I would call her then I would hang up
That's how it goes when ya get dumped
I told all my bros we just broke up
But years later this email shows up
Most of the time I would've been like so what
She hit me up on my myspace
Said she saw my CD and recognized my face
The whole thing now was really really quite strange
I had to think back about how much that I'd changed
It's 'cause of Christ now that I came
So far in life and as I look back on that day
I realize how much grace that God gave
But back then this the only thing I would say