K. Sparks - Renaissance (2011)

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K. Sparks - Renaissance lyrics

Spit it theme of my life
Track micks black .. white freaks underneath he knight sheets
Spread it rumors by me .. yes i winner now
I got lose for the ..to the clock
Perfect team wearing lanes with ..
You lost the .. with them bitch that call me hurricane
Is .. they often just .. this life like Mary Mary
With the energy is filling fill your pain
Little bit of Hennessey me i’m crazy
.. now or later let’s go
This magic for the dance mother f*cker press though
Head it for disaster ..like this rap shit
Mother f*cking stars nowadays X factor
N the rover would this ..
while i flight the industry my mama fighting chance

...the flight though
Get cashed to slip fast and that’s slow
Slick fence I’m quick fast the fly go
Gets cashed and .. and die
Let me taek it ot the .. i do
Can take it to the top mother f*cker you do
Take it to the top never stop i do
Take it to the top mother f*cker

Hey y’all my intention is the greatest for my ..
..dress me get your majesty these rappers on my ..
But actually get .. get flowin ..catastrophy
For the ..half of me we’re ..astrophy
Passing it before those it was before those
Fast as .. in my war clothes
Flashin in with more ..but that’s when the star goes ..
..speakin it and don’t knows
Keep it there she borrow ..pitchin it is the ..
..sleep my ..I’m sleakin ‘cause life can adore me
And stag me the times but then I’m roundly sick
..and they can read signs ..
Understand me ..with the pistol in the ..
With a black range rover ..my mama fighting cancer