K-Rino - The Day Of The Storm Intro lyrics

[Intro: K-Rino]
Look outside
This is the time that you been hearing about all your life
The time where the Old World is destroyed
And the New World is ushered in
Not the New World Order
Or God's kingdom
No more slave makers
No more oil thirsty governments
No more world bankers
No more biologically chemical warmongers living among us
The storm is coming
Is the Day of the Storm
Look outside
"Can your weapons stop a hurricane?"
"Can your bombs stop an earthquake?"
The Day of the Storm
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Judgement from the omnipotent one
Master Farrad Muhammad was predicted to come
Crafts in the sky, everybody seeing the lights
Storms executed by the MagD and the Christ
Despite the signs, Shaton extended his crimes
Whill you fall with the devil at the end of his time?
This is it U.S.A. now suffering in plagues
Last days better line yourself up with it's ways
Time to pull the cover off of His invisible plan
Every injustice carried on the original man
Still we trying to ascend and count the divine wroth
America hates blacks and Muslims and I'm both
They wiping out civilizations
Truth is America's the real terrorist nation
While the dirty slave masters stays thundering mad
You better make sure your good deeds outnumber your bad