K-OS - Wonderful lyrics

It's all
It's all
It's all
It's all so wonderful
Yah uh
It's all
It's all
It's all so wonderful
You better believe it

I sing a song of rebellion
Man's best friend turns on his master and kills him
Birds stop singing they were silent
Winds were spinning violently
Nature engaged man in great rivalry
Wildlife flooded the highways
The animal kingdom claimed the landscape
Fruit from trees would not hang
Man was left to suffer hunger pangs
Oh i knew this time was coming
Suddenly the day it was then
Sun and the day it was
I never shined bright
But when it did it burned the skin
The planets who had it
Mans habits
Bodies of water leaving city separate and stranded
Man did, nothing in return
Weakened by the fact that this was well deserved
For millennia
Nature lived for us died for us
Allowed us to abuse it
For our means and become prosperous
And oxygen was going scarce
So people suffocated through the lack of air
The colour yellow was the atmosphere
There was no getaway to Mars
We had no fuel we were trapped here
Years from exploiting mother Earth
For diamonds, oil and gold
Had rendered us cursed
The seasons no longer cycled in a patterned way
Snowstorms any given day
Many lived life like this could never be
Destruct our planet
The penalty
Can't ignore
Can't dismiss
Because we failed to recognize how beautiful it is
The sun is suspended above me
It's rays are like arms enveloping the body
Its forever keeping me warm
Thankful for tis luminous
From dawn to noon to dusk
How low it is not to look up and notice it
The nucleus our our planetary orbit it is
Nothing like part of its grace
But there is nothing like fiery sunshine in my face
We need rain
When it pours i just look out and get lost in my thoughts
Plant bearing fields and plains
What harmony sun and rain at the same time
A lesson in unity for all mankind
I would open my mouth and drink from the clouds
If it not for these acidic compounds
I'm loving the breeze
Never want to leave
Seduce them and the trees obey
Calm us or hurt us
Spin villages in circles
How great it is to feel the earth breathe
Just to feel the earth breathe
Feel the earth breathe

Yes our world is wonderful
Yes our world is wonderful

I stand within gentle urban of the river to wash way
My day is strife tonight and twilight keeping blinding stars dark at bay
Make our force more trivial with single words we say
Maybe we were born of clay
Single world we stay
From this first love
Washing us in Earth's blood
Promotions conquer what the earth was
You remember simply standing in the rain
Going through power pleasure and pain
That gave us life one in the same
As the sunrise
Blessed innocence in a child's wide eyes
Inside the riptide
From the warmth of my face
Urban is the desert the world die in the oasis
Faces close walk the coast and felt the beaches sand between my toes
And I loved you then I love you now
All and I can think is how is the world so fantastic
As the wind settles from blowing through the trees
All i can see is flower petals falling in the breeze
Can't even begin to believe how a world
Such as ours would begin to concieve
Of humanity, insanity
Brains constructing a need for a salary
Do you remember the big expanse of the sky
Do you remember how we dance you and i as
One earth sun moon stars
None to rely on but you
Beauty of the earth
True as the heavens are blue
Guilt in our soul to what we are made to go through
Life is the base of nature
Mother nature gave you life and then saved ya
From a colder greater then you will ever see
Together with the oceans
And the deepness of the sea
Freedom unknown
But finally free
And loving our world is key
And we stab her through the centre
Breathe the pollutants
My mother would say
The sky's wept to cleanse the Earth
It was ok
She told me it was ok

It's ok cuz you know
Yes our world is wonderful
Yes our world is wonderful

I know
I know
I know that it's wonderful
Every day cant you see our world is wonderful our world
Yes our world is wonderful
It's wonderful (oh no)
I say it's wonderful
I just wanna
Let you know that I ..

I want you all to know that's it's wonderful
Yes our world is wondeful