K-C & Jojo - Don't Rush (Take Love Slowly) lyrics

Verse 1:
The look within your eyes, baby
It makes me wonder why, lady
You want to get with me, darling
When I thought we were just friends
Then you made your move on me
You started moving on me strongly
Even though nobody was around
Still had to tell you to slow it down

And we don't have to rush the night away
There's always going to be another day
A time to make love and a time to play
What I'm trying to say, take love slowly

Verse 2:
When I took you to my house baby you got buck wild
Kicked off your shoes then you started dancing
I said come over here, have a little seat with me
All I wanna do is watch a little bit of TV
You started rubbing on my leg, fingers in my hair
Then you got silly, said let's play truth or dare
I'm not in the mood, honey I swear
Then you got out of control, had to get up out of there


Don't rush it, don't rush it
Don't rush it, don't rush it
Don't rush it, don't rush it, baby

Chorus 2x's