Juvenile - Mountain (2015)

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Juvenile - Mountain lyrics


[Verse 1:]
When I said fo' hundred ya'll thought I was barbecuing
I raised y'all niggas way better than some of y'all [?] was doing
When y'all was young y'all listened to me and got war influenced
I tough y'all how to get what the fuck that y'all [?]
I wish Slim was still here to see me stunt
I'm vaporizing they smoking blunts
I'm cap gunning they Captain Crunch
These niggas ain't scoring nothing they kick and punch
I'm in [?] like I'm buying weight
I'mma have to built some more closet space
I'm cheating on 'em, this shit ain't fair
Don't help me homie, go help ya bear

[Verse 2:]
Ain't no one like me, it ain't no duplication
Life's a bitch and I fucked that ho with no lubrication
Ain't none in this bitch that's riding Zulu Nation
Talk to me no [?]
They want me wit it, they see me through it
I brought the Fisker back and got the Rari for it
Don't lean on it, don't take no pictures
I'm big dog, it ain't get no bigger
Count on me you can believe that's law
You blind, boy you can't see this far
Kill 'em all on my licences plate
All my tears have been wiped away