Justin Bieber - Baby (feat. Ludacris) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Justin Bieber]
, Oh woooah, oh woooooah, oh wooooah, oh.
, You know you love me, I know you care,
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Justin Bieber - Baby (feat. Ludacris) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Justin Bieber]
ZH: [贾斯汀 • 比伯]

EN: Oh woooah, oh woooooah, oh wooooah, oh.
ZH: 哦 woooah,哦 woooooah,哦 wooooah,哦。

EN: You know you love me, I know you care,
ZH: 你知道你爱我,我知道你关心

EN: you shout whenever and I’ll be there.
ZH: 你只要大喊,我会在那里。

EN: You are my love, you are my heart
ZH: 你是我的爱,你是我的心

EN: and we will never ever ever be apart.
ZH: 和我们永远会分离。

EN: Are we an item? girl quit playing,
ZH: 我们是一个项目吗?女孩别玩了,

EN: we’re just friends, what are you saying.
ZH: 我们只是朋友,你在说什么。

EN: Said there’s another, look right in my eyes,
ZH: 说有另一个,你看在我眼中的权利

EN: my first love broke my heart for the first time.
ZH: 我的初恋第一次打破了我的心。

EN: And I was like…
ZH: 而我就像......

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: Baby, baby, baby oooooh,
ZH: 宝贝,宝贝 oooooh

EN: like baby, baby, baby noooooooo,
ZH: 宝贝,宝贝,宝贝不像

EN: like baby, baby, baby, ooooh.
ZH: 像宝贝,宝贝,宝贝,哦。

EN: Thought you’d always be mine, mine (repeat)
ZH: 还以为你会一直是矿井,(重复)

EN: [Justin Beiber]
ZH: [贾斯汀 Beiber]

EN: Oh, for you I would have done whatever,
ZH: 哦,对你来说我会做什么,

EN: and I just can’t believe we aint together
ZH: 我只是不敢相信我们不是在一起

EN: and I wanna play it cool the thought of losing you
ZH: 我想要装酷失去你的想法

EN: I buy you anything, I buy you any ring,
ZH: 我给你买任何东西,我给你买任何戒指

EN: and now please say baby fix me and you shake me til’ you wake me from this bad dream.
ZH: 和现在的我和你摇我直到婴儿修复请说 ' 你叫我从这场恶梦。

EN: I’m going down down down down
ZH: 我要下下下下

EN: and I just can’t believe my first love won’t be around.
ZH: 只是不敢相信我的初恋就会消失。

EN: And I’m like…
ZH: 我就像......

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Ludacris]
ZH: [] Ludacris

EN: Luda, When I was 13 I had my first love,
ZH: 鲁达,13 我有第一次爱的时候

EN: there was nobody that compared to my baby
ZH: 没有人相比,我的宝贝

EN: and nobody came between us, no-one could ever come above
ZH: 和没人来了我们之间,没有人什么都不能高于

EN: She had me going crazy, oh I was star-struck,
ZH: 她让我快疯了,哦是追,

EN: she woke me up daily, don’t need no Starbucks.
ZH: 她每天把我叫醒,不需要没有星巴克。

EN: She made my heart pound, I skip a beat when I see her in the street and
ZH: 她做了我的心磅、 我跳了点,当我看到她在街上和

EN: at school on the playground but I really wanna see her on the weekend.
ZH: 在学校操场上但我真的很想在周末见到她。

EN: She knows she got me dazing coz she was so amazing
ZH: 她知道她让我昏因为她太不可思议

EN: and now my heart is breaking but I just keep on saying….
ZH: 和现在我的心破碎了,但我只一直说......

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: Now I’m gone,
ZH: 现在我离开了,

EN: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
ZH: 对,对,是、 是、 是,是,

EN: yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
ZH: 对,对,是、 是、 是,是,

EN: yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
ZH: 对,对,是、 是、 是,是,

EN: now I’m all gone.
ZH: 现在我都走了。

EN: Gone, gone, gone, gone, I’m gone.
ZH: 走,走,我走了。

EN: [End]
ZH: [完]