Just Say Go! - Break Down lyrics

We're falling at the seams. Losing touch with our community, fighting against the people that we used to call our "scene"; the one thing that scares me the most is that so few still care and no matter how far down we go, I'll still be here. BREAK DOWN! There was a time when we'd cast our differences aside. BREAK DOWN! But now it seems our differences collide. BREAK DOWN! We're fading fast and so few are willing to try. BREAK DOWN! It's up to us to BRING IT BACK! I'm holding on for something more, I'm not content with the way we treat each other. Are we so overwhelmed by who's on top that we forget our common interests? If we work together we can become strong again; BELIEVE! I'm hoping for more, I'm not holding my breath, but I'm still here, caught up between the lies and attacks dividing my peers. I try to relate, I try to relate but I can't find a way. We've got to push past, we've got to move forward and we'll see a better time, and honest time for you and me