Jus Allah - Important Shit lyrics

Jus Allah, Lord Jamar, Agallah on the track niggaz (yeah. oh shit.)


Aiyo, yo
This is that important shit, fuck what you heard
This is ?? hot and scorch your shit
'Till all you rappers put deep thought in shit
Make me wish I never bought your shit
It's a wrap nigga

[Verse 1 - Lord Jamar:]

Yo, I'm runnin' thru the Mosque with four devil's heads in my hand
I want the button for ?? ?? and a ticket to the Holy Land
I got bullets that'll turn you to a holy man
Your blood remind me of a turtle as it slowly ran
Watch you curdle and ??
These hot rocks, will have you jumpin' over hurdles like it's track and field
Packin' steel for my personal jihad
You said when you died that you hope that you see god
What as me god, G-O-D god
Lord Jamar, Jus Allah, who we be god
The last sight that you see on this Earth
Before you layin' with your dick in the dirt
I'm fiction to hurt, we're divine evils
Rebel like crime is legal
These mothafuckers got a spell that blind the people
Climb the steeple to the top, break the cross off
Stab it thru the priest heart

[Verse 2 - Jus Allah:]

Yo, who the fuck drank my blood
I have to write my name on my jug
It's the only thing I crave when I want to unplug
I'm about to fuckin' buck, hand me a dutch
If I would've known I had to kill again today I would've skipped lunch
We tossin' down blood like this shit's punch
I'm piss drunk, I want to drink more
Take the car with the big trunk
Lord Jamar, and Agallah, we sick fucks
We eat until there's nothing left to scoop up
It ain't a graveyard, we can't spruce up
Will need a fuckin' bigger space in two months
Fill with mothafuckers that you knew once
I wouldn't advise fuckin' around, it wouldn't be wise
But how would you know, you haven't read the book in your life
You fool, everyday it's like I have to destroy
It's cool, I get paid doing what I enjoy
It's nothing, more that come the more that die
I need more, good souls come in short supply


[Verse 3 - Agallah:]

You know you 1 in 12 son, you ain't god body
You go to jail, niggas be like he ain't hard body
85 of that are scarred of the truth
And scarred of the proof
He ain't gangsta 'cause he rockin' the coost
Be easy my youth, track got lead
He don't care 'cause he really will lock and shoot
Po-po they got that too
Drugs and rap, heap it man they watch that too
I don't fish, but I do what I do
You hear me son, this rap shit is y'all queue
I roll with a whole squad of niggas that is all ?? ??
And they whole job is to murder and kill y'all too
You say it's Islam, I call it hoodlamics
I keep it gangsta like the son of Allahsia Muhammed
Smoke that good chronic, ??? ??? ???
And stay away from the F.B.I.