Jupiter Society - Bismarck Explorer lyrics

Huge and designed for extreme distant exploration, Bismarck Explorer left
chartered space. Cpt Kate Bishop, by some referred to as "the Bitch", already had a questionable reputation. Suddenly Bismarck Explorer dropped from the radar and disappeared... Just a week ago it was found again by chance, far from its previous position, almost completely covered in ice and without any sign of the crew or the captain.

What happened'
What happened'
What happened'
What happened to her'
What happened'
What happened out there'

Silent ship
Without life
Where is everyone'
Now there?s only dust on the floor and interrupted lives

All lost souls
Where is everyone'
Now she is embedded in ice like a predator in disguise

Open channels, unmade beds
Dried uneaten food on plates
Empty chamber locked from inside
Three year mission not heard of since May
For Cpt Kate Bishop and the crew we pray

[the Crew]
We are not dead yet, in constant hibernation
We can still see you but no communication

Long for salvation from cosmic conservation
eternal reflections hallucinate affections

[Kate Bishop]
Fearless unyielding
Never astray
Why do they follow
my directions
They trust me
And they believe me
Fearless unyielding
Never astray
Why do they never
Have objections
They fear me
But they believe me

[the Crew]
Help us
Find us