Junius - Ten Year Librarian lyrics

"So, it was a tragic time, when I could do nothing. I would only immerse myself into the book that spoke of ancient times. And two works came out of it, actually were born six months apart, in the Spring of 1940. And then I knew that I would have to stay long, here. I knew also that my work would find quite an opposition. But I did not know the extent... the extent of this opposition, and the violence."

Working thorough the night, waiting for a sign
As I sacrifice, under candle light
Books bury the room, the comforts of a tomb
I'll rewrite everything that we knew
Obsession takes my life, as the years they pass me by
I grow tired, as day breaks into night

The more I perfect, the more blood I shed
Because the better we are, the harder we starve
I am confined to scorn my life
Because the better we are, the father we'll go to scar

We are so curious...
We are the fault in all we know

I am consumed...
And it just kills me when I'm out of the room
I cannot give up, it's almost done!
I'm just wait for a sign from above...

War fares, blood shared...
Do you notice? We forget
We're born of the same design, but there is great divide
The force of the lore, the fate we ignore

Born with a blinded eye
We are designed to find
The source of the soul
The faith they withhold
My life is not mine
I gave it to the world
It's closing in... My battle begins!
And now it's my time to show all
The true wrath of god, the past we forgot
And I shine light for all...
bound to the signs above