Junior Reid - One Blood lyrics

(Junior Reid)
Run'din from fires of the city, and tee bloood
Blooood, blood, bloooood.. blooood
You two ta both from EE-hee-ma, ah ya both from Jahnker
You ta both from fire outside
You both from To-ah-ee
One bloood, one bloood, one bloood

(Masta Killa)
I was rollin, showin my age, unshaven
rugged with my Timberland boots that paid
I walk with a slight lean from the way that my heat
givin a green the shine infra-red beam
at the stret traffic light recorders
Takin pictures of our corners
Cameras on the side of the buildings, we destroy 'em
The Chameleon throws cream to children, out the window
We movin in unmarked vans, disguised as a light tan
with plastic phasers in rubber hands
Fuck fame, I shoot a hole in a 50 cent piece to test my aim
How dare you call the Gods in vein!
Not knowin the seriousness of this and why I came
to Earth, feet first
I dare you lion tame to the beat of the drum
No questionin to the session, I walk with gun
The magnum of bust-es head for many directions unknown
Another statistic, change the bolistics
on the nozzle, make em goggle and swallow
Scrape the craters of the brain for data
Old scriptures on withered paper
beginnin take shape and form
when the gods get on it and crash your college dorm

(Junior Reid)
You two ta both from uptown, ah your both from downtown
Your ta both from An-ah-town, ah yah both from 'roundtowm
One bloood, one blooood, one blooooood
The pussy 'nit find it
Travel w'on, raise your wine
That's blooood yuud, blooood

(Masta Killa)
Now verse 2, even more deadly than the first, unrehearsed raw footage
Part 2 for you, I give this dedication, project elimination