Junior Kimbrough - Burn In Hell lyrics

You goin' to. You'll be there
If I go before you, if I die before you, I'm going to be there opening the doors, saying, "Come on in there Brother Fuck")

Well, ain't no hell
Ain't no hell.

Well, momma loved me
Daddy did too
Ain't no hell
That's burning you?
Wherever I go
Ain't no hell

Well, went on down to Jersey, now
Prayed to hell
Prayed to maker?

Well, live long me
Been to pray?
Pray with fair anger?
Pray no more, baby
I love fawn, mama?
Go back home??
Go back in?

Well, ain't no hell
Ain't no hell
Nah, nah, nah
Wherever I go
Please no, baby

Well, momma done deserted me, baby
Laughing too
Come on down to Jersey
Take your job
Work for Jesus, baby

Well, fell on knee
Take to drink
Pray this prayer
And pray no more
I don't doubt, Lord
Don't let go
Don't let go

(Very rough transcription)