Junglepussy - Me (2015)

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Junglepussy - Me lyrics

I just want to be free
Swinging my titties from tree to tree
Sipping ginger tea and Hennessy

Looking good without a weave
Let me be as the sea
Can I flow
Can I go
To the corner store
In a pink robe
Lip gloss, tight cornrows
Fresh flip flops, pedicure toes

I just want to be clean
Keeping the flesh in between
Ripe like I'm 13

I've been feeling like a queen
I bought a globe, now the world is mine
Telescope and now I see the signs
The stars align, in front my very own eyes
I'm the kind to open up my mind before I open my thighs
Can't fuck with that format, say your goodbyes

I just want to be me
Lotion my titties and lotion my feet
This great feat
I fight to blur the lines between dark and light

All skin is intimidating
Reflecting power equally shared within
Quit the hating
Such treasure could never be measured
Every day walking, my head up
Pointing my chin conscious of situations I'm placed in
All comments overcame
My mind vacant

The vision came to me through a zephyr
Everything is light and whatever is whatever
Where is my lighter?

I've been rolling in trees
A little ashy
Nappy, happy
Limbs intact, doing dandy
Life is sweet
Fruits are the earth's candy
What would I do without Brandy, Foxy, Kim, and Missy
Patra, and Erykah
Proof there can be more than one without replica
Truth in the booth you can read through my retina

What's a girl to do when the world's against you?
Throw it in they face, let them know that you meant to
Fucking the mental while you stroking the soul
That's what you call fucking self control

I want to own my sanity
Minimize my vanity
My hair defying gravity
Melanin so high, opacity

This little light of mine
I'm gonna let it shine

Best believe it'll leave you blind, hopefully remind
Mankind, open up your mind
Show 'em the divine
Running deep in it from behind
'Till it touch the spine
Can't sleep and you can't recline
'Till you have arrived
Paradise where the soul resides make a soldier cry

Rest in peace, Bernie Mac
Rest in peace, Maya Angelou
Rest in peace, Kanye's mother