June - Ropes, Barrels, And Windows lyrics

She'll cut the rope
To lead you on
(So tell me) how's it feel when he's watching you sleep
Would it be any better
With a storm outside of your window
Make the trees feel like they're still trying

He'll take his time as he...
(You don't know what's going on) [x2]

You can't stop him now
(Your voice is drowned out) by these cries
(Pull back the hammer)
Fingers on the trigger
As he makes his way down to your house

Hey love,
Times have changed, things are different now
Feelings have been lost, I've found someone new
Someone who's better than you
Sorry, Goodbye

I bet he's by your window
While the sheets cover your face
(You look so innocent girl)
I bet he's by your window
(Now this barrel is pointed at you)
While the sheets cover your face
(So wake up)
(Stop crying)
You look so innocent girl
(So only get what you deserve) [x2]

You'll get what you deserve
This barrel is pointed
(Stop crying)
Stop looking so innocent