Jump, Little Children - Just A Second lyrics

Take care take good care
Make sure you come back soon
Yes i know you drive real fast
But your head is made of steel

Lucky for you

Dont forget, dont forget your bags
And you scratched up cd's
$75 and a bottle of sweets
Will keep you at the wheel

Thats what you need

Ill be right back in just a second
I forgot to give you something
I know that youre in a hurry
Ill be back in just a second
Go on and get out of here

Goodbye goodbye now
I know you hate that word
Later then, ill see you soon
I know just how you feel

It will have to do

My oh my she said
My what is geting dizzy
Another time, ill see you then
It sure is getting late

Another time

I know, i know its getting late
You've got a long trip ahead of you
Just 2 shakes
Is all i need im sure its worth the wait

Close your eyes

Go on and get out of here