Julie Brown - Vague lyrics

Let's get stupid
I'm not thinking nothing

Come on, get vague
Let your body move without thinking
Come on, get vague
Let your IQ drop while you bop

Vanna White, Ed McMahon
Nicolette Sheridan
Mary Hart, Chuck Woolery
Are as vague as they can be
Brooke Shields, Dawber, Pam
Personality of Spam
Christie Brinkley, Brosnan, Pierce
Bland and boring something fierce
Wilson Phillips loved to sing
And wreck the cover of a magazine
Daniel Quayle's brain is gone
Debbie Gibson gives good yawn
Kelly LeBrock thinks she's great
She's just cold boogers on a paper plate
Why they're famous we don't know
But Paula Abdul's gotta go
Ladies with no point of view
Fellows who don't have a clue
If they're stars, then you can do it
Just be vague, there's nothing to it