Julian Malone - Give A Eff (2013)

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Julian Malone - Give A Eff lyrics

[Verse 1]
I hit it once
Then two times, pass it now im stuck.
Im too high dont give a fuck though Im stuck in deep meditation live up ho Im something dope.
Ducking these pests and fakers a must bro.
They try to catch you if look a certain way.
Dont ever release emotion thats how heartless catch its prey.
Best tip is to pray n Leave it at that nigga.
See I dun slipped up n almost became that nigga.
Back when the shit was too real,
Around making Enemy.
Caring way too much saying too much man that shit was cheap.
I can't even listen to them old songs nomore.
Way too conscious way too honest had to dumb down for hoes, real shit.
I can't even lie.
Nowdays bitches say he fire,
Nerds hating, niggas play and ride.
Muther fuckers hate the change but ehh,
Like I said dont give a fuck my guys feel me niggas living bruh I'm sipping some but not too much.
Still myself nigga not no drunk be damned if I,
...end up like pop n nem buying bottles like water, Im smarter but when the timing hits Im a be,
Hype as hell,
Might as well with U.G. geechie as hell while Renzeial spark up the L.

Ooh, ooh.
Im taking my time.
I made up my mind.
Im taking my prime. (x2)
Ooh, ooh.

[Verse 2]
Fine bitch to the side of me Opps I mean cute girl to the side of me, Sorry thats the ignorant side of me, came a long way from pre-poverty remarkably.
But I just play my position off intuition.
Opposition in bad condition this mad magician is on his mission.
Fuck tradition I do what I want.
Reorginize to my taste.
Get off my case, give me space my nigga, gotta lot on my plate.
They try to put me in that box but I stay making swaggy escapes.
And girl you love it you know you love it, see it all in your face.
Ok now.
Bunch a niggas around.
All em tryna be rappin.
Half them niggas is clowns, the other half better off trappin.
Broke still but they on my dick getting tick politicing with all of your chickens.
This brilliance you all witnessing my limit no limit the skys the beginning!

Ooh, ooh.
Im taking my time.
I made up my mind.
Im taking my prime. (x2)
Ooh, ooh.