Julian Cheung - Return Of The Cuckoo lyrics


Listen, you don't have to call me
Although my heart is silent and heavy with burden
It's hard because I can't say this love will not be fulfilled
My mouth and heart is locked tightly

Look, you don't have to say another word
I'm afraid I will hurt you for the rest of your life
All I can do is be thankful that I met you
But I gave you too many sorrows

I rather not hold you and grow old with you
I'm letting you go find another while you stay in my heart
If you happen to find someone better than me
I will wish you both happiness from a safe distance
Even if I might not be able to say it out loud

Speak, there are just too many words I want to say
But I have to leave and say goodbye
To lose myself in this big ocean sky
I only need you to stay as pure as snow