Julia Ecklar & Leslie Fish - Silver lyrics

Foolish little girl, to love a singer boy like me
Within my eyes, what do you see?
If you told me love, I'd know it wasn't true
It's just another dream
It's never what it seems
To foolish girls like you

Listen to my song, and not the things my eyes might say
My silver tune can lead the way
I'll be all that you need and keep you safe from harm
So come, let's run away
We'll find a better day
Within my patient arms

Strings of silver steel that flutter like a silver heart
Though flesh and steel must someday part
I'll never leave you cold, I promise that is true
You'll need me for some time
How could I leave behind
A foolish girl like you?

Although of silvered steel,
I know I'll always feel,
My foolish girl, for you