Juicy J - Stop It (Stay Trippy Album) (2013)

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Juicy J - Stop It (Stay Trippy Album) lyrics

[Verse 1: Juicy J]

Make money, no vacation
Pay cash don't make payments
Getting high like I'm eighteen
But I've been rich since the late eighty's
Backstage, naked ladies
Poppin pills and swallowing babies
Bad bitches ain't come to play
She gon' give me head before I go on stage
New car, a couple, a hundred
Ain't nothin' I call it play money
Bugatti, Ferrari, the Benz, the Bentley
Juicy stay stuntin
Street niggas, we packin them 2's
Play with it, make action news
Put some money on your head, you worth a stack or two
Real nigga I'm 100, I stay leanin, I chase money
Niggas out here savin hoes, niggas need to be savin money
Made mine, can't take it from me
Hit the club, I take your woman
Take her home, get some head, wake up breakfast in bed
Yeah nigga that's grits and eggs
Rich bitch don't forget the bread
Up and down that interstate
I move weight, that's Jenny Craig
Ima fuck me a model, ima fuck me a model
You only get to live one time, so ima fuck me a model

[Hook: Juicy J]
I make money all day then I ball with the profits
Niggas hate on me, I tell em hatin' niggas stop it
Go fuck with a bitch, get that becky then I'm gone
Catch me on that loud pack, blowin on this strong (x2)