Juicy Cats - Saturday Night lyrics

I was going into town
On a saturday night
As I walked down the street
I was feeling alright

I'd been feeling bad all day
But now as I looked at the
Yellow street lamp light

I thought to myself well
Tonight's gonna be the night

As I went into a club
I sat down at an empty table
And I ordered my favourite drink

The band was playing
Playing like hell
And they were great
They were so great

On a Saturday night
On a Saturday night
On a Saturday night

I'd been sittin there for a little while
When my friends walked in
They said, "Hey I haven't seen you
All week. Oh yeah."

Well then I said, "Alright I haven't seen
You guys all week either neither bla bla bla."
And so we were talking
We were talking like that and we were having
A hell of a lot of fun
On a Saturday night.

On a Saturday night

I love the Saturdays, the Saturday nights.