Juelz Santana - Now What lyrics

Okay, I'm reloaded, okay, the heat's loaded Okay, now we rollin, okay (S.a.n.t.a.n.a)
My fo-fo peace talking, sound oh so sweet talking
Do mo, mo street talking, then Stone
Cold Steve Austin And I bang it well, slang is well, shave it well
Hell, you looking a preview of the Matrix 12 L rock them,
I'm hear to shake the bells Shake your bells, what's my name (S.a.n.t.a.n.a)
You got that there right, I'm not that queer type
Nasty behind the wheel, but my mind ain't steered right
F**k driving reckless, my mind is reckless
Plus I stay with two time crime offenders
I can't give it up, like an old man who can't get it up
I'm not a man til this up
So I'm rappin' badder,
I'm back I'm badder
Shit y'all probably thinking I'm taking rap viagra (S.a.n.t.a.n.a)
Got as many songs as Pac had on lock stash I can pop songs, just like I pop tags
I do not brag, just watch fag I'm here to get the keys to the lock back
Open the door, close it, and relock that
Don't touch, stop that, it's locked black
And guess what, I'm back, I'm Baaaaaaaaaack (S.a.n.t.a.n.a)

(Chorus) (Juelz Santana)
Say hello to my little friend
Hello before I pull again
And show you my bullets friend, hello
My name please (S.a.n.t.a.n.a)

Straight blam the lamma, for Cake stand behind ya
And make plans to drop ya, I ain't Ant Jemima Bitch,
I ain't her to wine ya, I ain't her to dine ya I came her to pop ya, shit
And I came here for lobster
The whole damn shabang and they ain't brang the pasta (santana)
Now I got to be rude, they ain't got me my food I'm not gonna be used, shots will eat through
This kid's small body, and this big long shotty (What?)
That'll just make shit hit all sloppy
Straight out the block, I'm ready, straight out like rock I'm ready
More proper, I'm straight out like hot spagettii It's rock n roll time, it's lock and load time
Showtime, audios amigos, gotta go time Yeah, but I be right back at ya
Twice back at ya, like Christ back at ya (Yeah)
You be like damn "That's one nice ass rapper
I kinda like that rapper, I wanna be like that rapper" (NOPE!)
No but if you bite that rapper, I might bite back at ya
With that right bell at ya, whoa, I know that might sound bad but It's....I'm Back (Chorus)