Juelz Santana - Forever Harlem (feat. Jim Jones & Tobb Cobain) (2010)

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Juelz Santana - Forever Harlem (feat. Jim Jones & Tobb Cobain) lyrics

Harlem breed n-ggas who ball
so understand it wasn’t a choice for me
and i aint never stoppin at all
I rep Harlem forever man, ever man, ever man
from Jewelry on down to the car
its all about catchin a stunt for me
they hate the way i pull up and floss
I rap this shit forever man ever man…

[Juelz Santana]
First name Forever last name Harlem
Roca park flow, let em’ know dont guard em’
How could you compare those mothafuckin’ weirdos
to a n-gga like me when they swaggas on zero
here I come to save the day, super hero,
pocket on casino, Robert DeNiro,
In my town, n-ggas slinging pounds, kilo’s
cars made for us, so they never get repoed,
n-ggas throwing dice against the wall, CeeLo,
this is my movie, you an extra, B-role,
your girl insist I got a very big …Ego
Im here to take the game from these lames, Deebo,
and I got chips, cheese, dorito’s,
and I get in your ass, no homo, speedo’s,
B-tches like me cos they really think Im cute to them,
b-tches like you cos of the things you could do to them,
b-tches like me because i f-ck em till the cum,
and b-tches like you because your money make em cummm,

Forgot it, aint tricking if you got it,
but guess what b-tch I aint tricking and I got it,
but you could hit the strip and we could start splitting the profit,
got it,
difference between me and them guys,
they get fly, I am fly,


Harlems in me,
Harlems in me,
Harlems in me,