Judy Garland - Fight lyrics

How did I ever get mixed up with such a fathead?
How did I ever get involved with such a dunce?
How could I ever love a man who has a taste of a goat,
And let the best years of my life go all to waste, unquote.
I 'spose you'd rather have that dame you used to go with.
The one with scraggly hair who never took a bath.
I may be dumb but I'm twice as smart as you;
So there, so scram, so long, get lost!
This time we're really through.
Go back to your comic books you mental giant.

From now on I'm goin' to be so self-relient
You won't know me.
You were the one who stared it.
I'll be the one to finish it.
[speaking] Go ahead. Strike me, you BRUTE!
You wouldn't dare.
[singing] Stay away, don't touch me.
Don't come any nearer or I'll scream!
[speaking] I mean it, I'll scream!