Jude The Obscure - Stab lyrics

No word you felt for me, I was afraid, that made me hurt you more, overcoming a pain that dug itself so deep, your guardian angel pounds on your head and says, what the hell is wrong with you, after so many warnings you call for departure, you lay so hollow and frail, your head it hangs so low, my veins are running dry, I will burn forever without you, you will rise above, I brought this devastation on my own, now you rest your head so far from mine, this is a new distance I am unfamiliar with, this devastation came on, these actions were brought to this place by me, the pain that I have put her through, forgiveness is something we don't speak of, I scarred you for life, you bid me farewell, this separation stabs me, stab after stab after stab after stab... I will never forgive myself, my words will never amount to how I feel