Jude The Obscure - Fingernails And Lampshades lyrics

It wasn't long before she fell through the gaps of it all, why, you lie and try until you believe yourself, why, you will never come close to raise your fist to make a toast, the shade of lipstick on your glass is pretty, the scent of wine has stained you, (I want my blood in your hair as I weaken, I beg for more, break a nail, and wither to nothing), never again will your breath feel so warm, will your heart beat so loud, your hope wont last, you can't see the pain you've caused, I know what it feels like, its been so long, my veins are draining, oh man why do I love this, dig your fingernails in me so I can bleed forever, take hold of something you never had and hurt me just a little bit I want more so I can bleed, ( want you to paint me, paint me with your blood and hang your head in shame, I beg for more) runaway, runaway, twelve years of terror, some feelings are better left unknown, is this a sensation we enjoy, I want more so I can bleed forever, it matches the shade of your lipstick, it's pretty