Jude The Obscure - Eyes Bat Lash lyrics

Interrupting a signal that was meant for pleasure the transfer has been avoided, sincerity will be confused with an overwhelming act of abuse, sincerity is what they prey upon, with the fluttering lashes that claim home on sight, with wet lashes and red lids, lethal gazing, what did I do to deserve this - I will fall with what my love cant bring, I wish I could touch her sweet eyes, an indication of personal taste that was meant to lure ones opponent into their hands has been avoided by a simple make of plastic, the sunglasses cover your featured asset which allows me not to be persuaded by your false intentions, but the framing that shades the eyes are removed, and what first held as a barrier has now taken me in, I cannot resist, her eyes are like windows for me to see inside, this is where I want to be, and I learn that possibilities are endless, and that these intentions are as real as how beautiful something can be when not hidden how access of light can illuminate something so spectacular, remove all plastic security, no plastic security