Jude Cole - Baby, It's Tonight lyrics

(Won't you) pick up the phone, 'cause I know that you're home,
Too many words have not been said for us to be living alone,
Now all of the fighting, and all of the tears,
They don't matter now,

(Pre chorus)
Another night falls, dark and lonely,
You're the only one that I can turn to,

If I ever needed your arms to hold me,
Baby, it's tonight,
If I ever needed your eyes to heal me,
Baby it's tonight,

(So) come hold me close, and show me that you still care,
Let's take it to where it all began and start again from there,
'Cause there's no way out, as far as I can tell,

(Pr chorus)
I'm walking in a world of strangers,
You're the only one that really knows me,

(Chorus) x2

Won't you please, please pick up the phone,
Don't leave me to face this world all alone,
(It?) takes some time,

(Chorus) repeat to fade