Judas Priest - Jugulator (Jugulator Album) (1997)

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Judas Priest - Jugulator (Jugulator Album) lyrics
Now let's see what you're made of He is coming, you can't run Violators that get caught Will wish that they'd never been born Exterminator You are dead mutilate Sharpened razor Takes your head Jugulator Predit hater You are trapped decimate Desecrator Your neck snapped Jugulator Jugulator he is near Attracted by the stench of fear Part demonic, part machine Hungry and it's time to feed Iron claws and fangs of steel Dripping from his tasty meal Now it's time to jugulate Feel your skull disintegrate Jugulator killing time now Reaches in and rips your spine out Violator Big mistake mutilate Vindicator Rib cage break Flesh and bones Are massacred Jugulator Desecrator Jugulator