Jubilee - In With The Out Crowd lyrics

Get crushed by humanity
Embrace mediocrity
It don't take a lot to get the plot unraveled in this town
Could someone please kill the DJ, the endless fakes, and maybes?
Way down in the water, wanna see 'em all drown

"We're all gonna make it!"
How long have ya waited?
God plays dead here... Oh Lord!
Stuck in L.A. again

Take it back, or break it

I expect an apology
What we need is a mutiny, and throw these transplant tragedies in the lost and found
It keeps creeping in off the freeway... These never been-has been babies
A bit of comfort comes from knowing all that goes up must come down

I kinda don't want it
I kinda want in with the out
Take it back

I'm praying that this town, and that sound, will burn down, and then drown
This town... Frown Town

Do ya got nothing to say?
Do ya wanna spread it around?