Juan Mutant - Most Folks lyrics

Most folks follow some religion or some kind of politics
Stupid roads which leads to madness
And to a sad place
They always vote for some control
To control themselves
Control yourself but don't control me
You're a part of the web

Beyond this system hides a brand new world
Old as the nature
Old as the first bones
Live for today
Live for tomorrow

The generations live weird situations
Weird situations I can't stand
But if these generations could get out of this boredom
Life would be no excuse at all
Life could be such a grand pleasure

I broke my bones learning how to walk
Now I'm always crawling
The deadly lies I learnt to live
Push me straight to the wrong direction
This world of crossroads got so many directions
They all become our reality
Our personal reality
Human reality

Beyond this system hides a brand new world
It's not your world, it's not mine
It's no one's world
It's nobody's world