Jrichol - Solo (2012)

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Jrichol - Solo lyrics

Type or paste your content herein my soul i got some pain you don't wanna feel
I see some thing through this eyes you don't wanna see
I met a couple demons and i'm still fighting with them
I do everything first i'm like a ..
It's 2012 i'm already in hell
Pain is in the air and i can smell the smell
My birthday was yesterday i got a lot of pain
I'm looking for the clouds, i've seen a a lot of rain

And if you give that personal word
One more you wake up and ..Gone forever
That's life
Big jerk

Solo grind so ..
Never picture myself grind solo
I'm ..Where's my guardian..
Ain't talking.. But when i see i need my halo

See i never wanted that back ..
I always thought i .. Was always gonna be me
And we can grow together maybe have a fam
See but i can see it in your eyes girl y
You .. I never really thought that this would be my..
Was a surprise 'cause i've been down this road
A couple time or two maybe two maybe
Maybe i'm just a little too friendly
I used to picture frighten in the building
Riding in the ..

I used to picture.. You know what i'm sayin
..Chasing my dreams..
Part of my dreams
Drivin so solo