Joss Stone - Love What You're Given lyrics

People say I'm crazy
For coming back home
I've worked so hard for so long
Now I'm tired of being alone

Feel like my voice is bleeding
Screaming out no more
But I gotta keep on pushing
Till I'm flat out on the floor

And life sometimes makes me angry
Seems like no one understands me no
It's a long road to where i'm going
Turning back no, it ain't an option
I put myself in this position
Hear my nana say 'Love what you're given child'
Love it child
Love it child

I slowly put my wall up

T's lonely here behind it
But it's safer for us all
I think you would agree yeah
You all having bad days
Could I please have one too?


Appreciate everything that comes your way
Cause some things constantly change
It's all gonna end one day
Got to love what we're given
Just done waste your time
Just keep pressing on
Love what you're given, yeah
Love it child