Joshua - Hawai Number One lyrics

Wake up in the morning and it's still the same
gotta find something to eat I'm going insane
but in my brain nothing to lose I cut my chain
I took a one-way trip join me on the plane

I know a place of blue sky
you won't see no rain, you won't see no pain
you just gotta do your thang
yeah, everything would be so cool
if I didn't have to struggle like a goddamn fool...

let me fly away from here
I don't wanna stay...

another day another night another time for fight
why it must be so wrong when it could be so right
Impala 64 Road 66
lean your head on my shoulder 'cause I know you like this
we could smoke together, be together, love each other
if you're not happy here, you know we can go further
I'm a free bird spread my wings and my words
jump on my back and I show you the world...