Josh Woodward - Talk About Your Feelings lyrics

I wanna sleep, you wanna chat
You wanna talk about the thisses and the thats
oh no.. oh no..

The lights are out, I'm getting cozy when you
turn to me and tell me you're not trying to nosy
but you wanna know the things that i am thinking all about in my head,
I'm dead

i get the feeling that i'm gonna have a sleepless night ahead
all this touchy-feely crap and it's just in time for bed

you say to open up, and that emotions run so deep
you say to talk about my feelings
but i'm feeling that i wanna shut up and sleep

I'm a guy, I don't know why you think I'm
always overflowing and I'm throwing all my feelings away

you fit me like a GLOVE you know i don't THINK that i'm abOVE you
and... you know i love you and i'm always thinking of you
but i'm feeling like i oughtta just shove you on the bedroom floor