Josh McDermott - Garden lyrics

When you hit your head on a Sunday night;

And prayed to god that you'd be alright.

I sat with my hands on my face in the hall,

And paced out the anxiety that comes

With the baggage I can't let go.

And lately my steps are catching up with me,

And I'll catch myself with my head bowed;

Asking god to keep us alive

Because no matter how much

The sobering strung out anthems weigh down,

We're all afraid to die.

So I turn the pages of a book,

Trying to see all the different colors

That could show us it all,

So beautiful it keeps Jaidyn awake;

So overwhelming it rolls me over, knocks me out.

And I wake up with one hand on my heart,

And my eyes on the cieling,

Seeing a scene of three crosses;

Suspended on one hill,

And when the sun breaks the clouds,

And the great flash of time

Rains through our souls;

We see god standing alone,

Watching his son give up the ghost.

And its not an easy thing,strung out on a concret floor

And the things you do when your empty.

And theres Not one word to heal

No mouthful of medication

To keep the feelings sharp

Just numb.

Just numb.