Josh Kelley - Deep Deep Breath lyrics

With the situation that you're in
It's time to thicken up your skin
So you can try to live again
Like an innocent soldier

How do I begin
To describe where you begin
Start by picking up your chin
Take a deep, deep breath
A deep, deep breath
A deep, deep breath

Grab the bottle deep inside
You know the one you tried to hide
Still angry and alive
Waiting for a good fix
Break it on the ground
Celebrate you're still around
You can start with the sound of
A deep, deep breath
Deep, deep breath
Deep, deep breath

Oh, I know
How you feel inside
Let it go
Oh, you know
You gotta open up your heart
And let it go

Take control of
Never letting go

Start with the sound
Of a deep, deep breath
a deep, deep breath (x10)