Josh Gracin - I'll Still Love You lyrics

There ain't no Rhyme or reason
With you
You never know
What your gonna get

But that makes you more Intriguing
Each and every moment that we spend
It don't matter when

Thats just like you
To confuse me but
You should know that
You'll never lose me baby


Hold on tight
Just hang onto me
Enjoy the ride
That our life will bring
Look in my eyes
You'll see forever
I know somehow
We'll make it together
Girl I don't care
What you put me through
I'll still love you

You never show affection
But when you do
It's all at once
And Then its gone

I'm stunned
Left breathless
In a daze
So amazed
But I stay strong

I'm still learning
Your still trying
I'm still fighting
Your still denying baby

Repeat Chorus

I'm still learning
Your still trying
I'm Still fighting
Your Still denying

Repeat Chorus