Joseph Copi - Memories lyrics

I wish that i could turn back time
I wish that i could make you mine
I wanna take back all the mistakes i've made
Sometimes i just want to die
'cause everybody's bringing me down
And i just don't no who to turn to

*i wanna start over, i wanna turn back the pages
Rewrite the story of my life
I wish i could forget, all the stupid things i said
On the worst day of my life
And my memories are gonna haunt me forever*

Sometimes i sit and wonder why
And then from deep within my mind
Your voice comes back to haunt me...again
All of my life i've been blind
But now i finally realize
That all this time i have been searching
For something that was here all along


I wish that i could bring you back (again)
I wish i could rid myself of all this pain (and all of this shame)
And all my hope is gone
And i feel so forsaken
This is the end for me.........