Joolz - Façade lyrics

Here come the heroes in a blaze of energy,
Hey, stand under your lights and preach,
Heroes, preach to us good, stir us up,
Tell us how to live, wrong from right,
Make our thoughts for us,
Give us back our pride.
Like children lost in the night
We stretch out our hands to you,
Here are our souls, take them,
Here are our hearts, lead us.
The arms stretch out in the darkness
And on the stage, in the temple,
Terrified, exhilerated, adrenalin whipping
Faster than any speed,
The heroes scream and dance...
Flawed, spoiled, helpless, driven half mad with ambition,
Delivering messages with brutal strength,
Demon gods of a modem hell,
Poets, singers, apprentice christs,
They believe, we believe, dark and bright
The power drives us on, purity, virtue, passion,
They speak the names...
And inside, inside, cry.
»Follow me! ... don’t follow me,
Believe in us! ... don’t listen to us,
We are weak, we aren’t perfect,
Believe our words, we speak the truth!
But oh, hear this if nothing else,
If we had the strength, we could live it ourselves.«