Jonny Was... - Close To Home lyrics

I don't think that you told me
Why you, you were always lyin'
Yeah you never spoke the truth
Cuz you, you were always cryin'

Well I don't think that I could say
That we were a perfect fit
Everytime that I stay
You said you didn't give a shit

But I gotta say

I don't think that I can be
The one to make all your decisions
Well I know it's hard to say
But you, you were always bitchin'

I don't think that I will mind
If you never know what's up
Evertime tat you cried
You said that you were givin' up

I don't know what to say or do
Bite off my nails and try to scream aloud
All I know is what I'd like to give to you
So here me say...

F*** you

I'm not goin'
I'm not goin'

I'm not goin' in