Jonathan Fire Eater - Station Coffee lyrics

There's a still animation
Edward Hopper gas station
And it's buzzing just like a bee

I don't know, but if you look real close
Maybe this station coffee makes us comatose

But I can see the treelines, I can see them sway
Oh to the night time and the stars
I see them hurling, hurling through space

Yes I'd romp with you on the forest floor
We'll put them all in another state
Well it's the state that I'm living
Unaware of my audience
My neighbours all say it's a sin
Because they live somewhere - oh man - that you, you ain't never been

I broke a glass on the asphalt, behind the Masquerade Ball
And now I'm in some white hall
Waiting on a phone call, yeah

From little Walter, Mr Thomas, Matthew, Matthew and Paul