Jon B. - Love Hurts lyrics

Sometimes love can feel like the closet thing to heaven
sometimes love can feel like you've been ran over by a car
it's the strangest thing i know, makes you feel warm when u feel
cold,and if you down on happieness you better get used to the taste of
sadness 'cause love can sure hurt sometime
oh every body sang the song with me

love hurts and it don't
love don't always work
love ain't all it seems
it feels good but it
stings, love hurts and it

Verse 2:
Some people will tell you it's
the best thing for the heart (yes it does)
but what they failed to tell you
it can take your life apart, but you know
it's as sweet as summer rain but it can hit you
like a train and fill your heart
with pain..... fill your heart with pain
ohh everybody sing, everybody sing it



now if you know you fell you
can't survive cause you feel
so much pain.
and then you just can't stop cryin
but you know you can make it anyway
then you would know,ohhhhhhh
that love hurts and it don't