Johnny Darko - Another Crush lyrics

Just another crush

Crashing down all like a wave

Just another crush again.

Breaking through the rocks

Making mountains fade away

Slowly making change to me

The stars, look at how far

It takes, for them to see us fall

And when, when can i call

Before, I make you fall

Just Another Love

It will always end some how

Thats why giving up

Is much eas'ier than the end

The end

Who says til the end

We all, just wanna leave so fast

And when you feel you're lonely

Or bored you'll look for me

I'd wish you bored forever

So I can stay with you

Just another crush

Wish it'd never fade away

Just another crush on you

Rolls just like the waves

Builds me up and crush me down

I'm already widled down

To my final form for you.

And now for my crush

Can I do the same for you?