John's Gross Finger - Lifetime Suicide lyrics

He worked the 9 to 5 Threw away his life And now he's 45 With two kids and a wife White house with picket fence The mini-van he drives He had dreams when he was 10 Before his lifetime suicide Lifetime suicide He went to college for a while That's where he met his wife Knocked her up at 21 He stopped going out at night He had a band in 1979 They opened for Styx a couple of times Should be featured in Live Wire But he dropped out to work full time How can you live your life without searching for the answers? Just roll over and die You wasted all your time Now this bitter old man looks me in the eye Says I've never been alive Where is my life? Where is my life? Lost to a lifetime suicide Lifetime suicide I'm not going to assume That everything's all right Or grin and bare my life Just to pray for A quick and painless homicide When I am 45