John Williamson - Wildlife Warriors: It's Time lyrics

by John Williamson

It's time to think of why we're proud to be a part of
A land so ancient, so hard to get a hold of
Why the kangaroo and emu is on the baggy green
Why do we sing of coolabahs, billabongs and cockatoos
Do we really care, are we aware of what we lose
While we knock it down again and again and again

C'mon wattle soldiers, wildlife warriors get angry
They'll call you green, they'll call you red
Just stay strong and turn your head
And think of little bilbies and gliders and rare wallabies
Now's the time to stir again
It's time, it's time, it's time, it's time, IT'S TIME

Yeah, it's time to stop the slaughter of our native land
No more telling lies, drawing lines in the sand
Maybe we didn't know but surely now it's underhand
No more crocodile tears, did he die in vain
Did he make us cry, did he suffer all his pain
So we could knock it down again and again and again