John Pearse - As I Went Out One Morning lyrics

As I went out one morning, I was singing a country song
I met a man with a microphone and, oh, he did me wrong
He led me down a leafy lane, and before I could escape
He took my country dittys down, on his reel-recording-tape

To Tin Pan Alley he did go, and there he chanced to meet
A publisher, who cleaned them up and gave the tunes a beat
And now they rock and now they roll on radio and TV
They're rakin in the money now, but noboby thinks of me

So I'll sell my rack, I'll sell my reel, I buy a steel guitar
I'll go down to London and sing in a coffee bar
And when my name is famous and when I'm on TV
I'll tell them of the false young man and what he'd done to me

So come all you pretty maidens, that like to sport and play
Be careful of your copyright, that all they want today
And never trust a rovin' man, whoever he may be
If his hand is on a microphone and not upon your knee!