John Mayall - Awestruck And Spellbound lyrics

I was crossing a bridge into Memphis
Soul station blasting that sound
I heard Freddie King singing
the darnedest tune, he was testifying
I'm going down, down, down, down, down
He left me mesmerized
Awestruck and spellbound
You know it drew me away to another place
Music and the memories are making their rounds

South Wabash in Chicago
At Buddy Guy's Legends one night
Otis Rush getting his Homework done
Cherry Red Wine on Southpaw three-thirty-five
Run, run, run on slow and wide
The king of the singing string
Singing so many rolls and so many trains to ride

Playin' the blues with a man named Green
He had us all under his spell
He was singing 'bout a Black Magic Woman
And all I could say was "Oh well"
The house was full
Not another seat to sell
Thirty-five gigs in thirty-six nights
Bristol to Belfast, Glasgow to Tunbridge Wells